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Halted Hobbies Through Inexplicable Bouts of Social Awkwardness.

Prologue: I am a man with hobbies. When I was growing up there seemed to be a real stigma around anyone our age who had a proper hobby. Anybody who had something that they enjoyed doing that wasn’t either playing football, sitting around in a park or drinking was weird.  Naturally I abandoned any interests […]

Retro Gaming: The Only Gaming I Have Time For.

PROLOGUE: To the distaste of a lot of people and, I’m sure, to the delight of some as well, I have always enjoyed video games.  I spent what now seems like an incredible amount of my childhood and teenage years sat in front of TV screens playing video games. Unfortunately the real world eventually caught up […]

Wrong Way Round.

I should have probably made my first post about what I intend this blog to be about, or some such.  This seems to be both a logical and the common thing to do. To be honest I just had all the thoughts in the previous post in my head and wanted to write them down.  […]

Free: Loving New Music Again.

PROLOGUE: For a long time; or since deciding that I liked music and wanted to take the music I listened to seriously (as with most people, this was in my mid teens. It was all brightly coloured adults acting like children or novelty songs from TV programmes up until that point), I didn’t listen to […]