Wrong Way Round.

I should have probably made my first post about what I intend this blog to be about, or some such.  This seems to be both a logical and the common thing to do.

To be honest I just had all the thoughts in the previous post in my head and wanted to write them down.  What better way to do that than on a blog? I mean it is 2013 after all, pen’s are nearly extinct and the native Red notePad is being chased out of its natural habitat by the bigger, stronger Grey (white) iPad.  I might have other thoughts that I have to get out of my head too, it could happen.

I’m not really expecting anyone to read it. In fact I’m only writing this in case someone does so you know what the point of this is, or know about the lack of a point. I’d hate for people to spend ages refreshing the page, thinking ‘That can’t be the first post. He’s not even introduced the blog subject. Is he a moron?’.

So, post 1 & 2 done in relatively quick succession.

Until next time.



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